PSY202 Brainstorming Worksheet

Lillian Vargas

Brainstorming Worksheet
Purpose: Use this worksheet to brainstorm and reflect upon five significant, uplifting, positive experiences/events that had a profound impact on your life. Consider events from your childhood, adolescence, young adulthood, etc.
Hover over words underlined and in blue font (indicating a hyperlink) to access a definition and the glossary of terms (also located at the end of this document). Items with a blue asterisk require completion (*).

Life Event 1 (title):* My Little Brothers Birth

In one paragraph, explain why this event was significant to you.*
When I was younger I begged my mother for a little brother or sister. I preferred a little brother but was sick of being alone, I wanted someone to play with. When I was when I was six, almost seven my mom finally gave me the great news that I would be having a baby brother/sister. I was completely ecstatic to hear the news and couldn’t wait until he or she was born. Eventually we found out it was a little boy and I was even more excited despite the fact he had a hole in his heart and his heath would be unsure. I didn’t understand it at that time in my life. I was just excited to have a playmate.

In a second paragraph, describe how you felt after the experience. *
After he was born I was extremely happy. I was so excited to show him all my toys and share everything with him. I liked to help my mom feed him and take care of him. I was only seven so I had a hard time comprehending I wouldn’t be able to play with him for awhile. He was very fragile as he had a hole in his heart and underwent many surgeries as a baby, which was extremely scary for me as I wanted a little brother so bad. In a few years the excitement wore off and the jealousy kicked in, but all and all I was still excited to have a little brother.

Life Event 2 (title):* Joining the Military

In one paragraph, explain why this event was significant to you.*
When I graduated high school I had no direction in life, I was unsure if I wanted to go to college, join the work force immediately, or join the military. I grew up in a military family and therefore the military had a significant meaning to me. Right before graduation I choose to take the step to talk to a recruiter to see what my options would be, I ultimately ended up joining the military before I even graduated high school. This life choice changed my life in many ways forever.

In a second paragraph, describe how you felt after the experience. *
I was extremely nervous entering the military after high school. I was just a kid trying to find my way. Going to basic was the first step and I was scared to death of what I was about to get myself into. After training and getting to my regular unit I realized it was a great life choice for me and one I would remember forever, as the military has molded who I am.

Life Event 3 (title):* The Birth Of My First Child

In one paragraph, explain why this event was significant to you.*
Although the birth of my first child (Halle) was extremely unexpected or planned she has changed my life in many ways. She taught me how to love in a way I never loved before and she brought a new light to my life.

In a second paragraph, describe how you felt after the experience. *
After the birth of her I realized life, as I know it was dramatically changing. I now had to be a role model for another little human. The experience of having a child I believe made me grow up more than I ever would have expected it would.

Life Event 4 (title):* Marriage to My Wife

In one paragraph, explain why this event was significant to you.*
Marrying my wife was a day I will always remember. We had just gotten back from a 9 month deployment when we decided it was finally time to get married. We went to the court house and just did it, no big wedding, no huge event just us. It was significant because it changed my life forever just like the birth of my first born. It was a new lifestyle.

In a second paragraph, describe how you felt after the experience. *
After we got married life changed rapidly. We moved in together, we had now a “blended” family but ultimately we made it work. We had our ups and downs but we meshed our lives together to make it one.

Life Event 5 (title):* The Birth Of My Son

In one paragraph, explain why this event was significant to you.*
My wife and myself tried for four years to have a baby. We had almost given up on the entire thing all together when one day she called me on my way home from work ecstatic that she was pregnant. I thought it was a complete joke, as we had tried for years and it was her last month on her medication. I ended up making her take several other pregnancy tests and than the excitement set in! I was finally going to have a baby and it ended up being my baby boy!

In a second paragraph, describe how you felt after the experience. *
I was so overjoyed after finding out she was pregnant. We were planning from day one. My wife had a rough pregnancy so everyday wasn’t filled with joy and happiness but the end result of my son being born made every bad day worth it!

Glossary of Terms: Return to top

Brainstorm: Develop spontaneous ideas that will eventually develop into a more focused idea or concept.

Paragraph: A set of sentences, typically four to five at minimum (though this assignment requires two to three at minimum) that deal with a specific theme or idea.

Considering the Present
Throughout the life, we are faced two significant events that have a strong positive impact on our lives. The occasions instill some significant impacts on our lives. In the paper, I will describe two main experiences relating to my family and my military employment and their relations with online learning. Also, I will discuss how they influenced the Bronfenbernner’s microsystem and mesostyem, learned experiences and how I could apply the experiences on online learning. I selected the experiences on my family and military employment due to their positive impacts on my online academic growth and performance.
Family Experience
When I was younger, I was not able to understand how the online learning processes worked. However, the birth of my little brother gave me some inspirations to put more efforts in online learning. I remember is used to beg my mother to find little brother or a sister for me. However, I would have preferred a little brother to play with when I was feeling lonely. When I was six years old, my mother came home with my little brother. Considering how young I was, I did not have much say on the case.
I was very happy to have a younger brother. Most important, the experience improved my online learning as I often searched the internet to learn how to many babies happy. I learned various ways on how a baby can be looked after, more so the best toys for him. Thus, I was able to gain an in-depth understanding of online learning processes. As I grew, I was able to understand the online systems and thus, I worked very hard due to the sense of responsibility of my little brother.
The feeling of having a family and a brother was relevant in my growing desire for online learning. My personal experience with my little brother and school colleagues is illustrated by Bronfenbernner’s model. My brother’s presence was able to shape my focus and learning in order to gain relevant academic knowledge and skills. I learned on how to became responsible and help others as I helped my mothers with feeding my little brother. As a result, the experiences triggered a change of attitude and perceptions on the online learning programs.
Military Employment
In understanding my work experience, I was able to join the military after completing my high education. During the period, I was a frustrated on the way forward, but I was not ready to go to the college. Being born in a military family, I was delighted to join the military. I had made my ultimate decision to take up a challenge at the military. I felt that it was the right decision for my military and personal growth. Most of the military works required some online preference and thus, I had to improve my online skills. The military programs had personnel who taught on the different online techniques. By handling the work online duties and responsibilities, I was able to understand the much pressure and stress (Clark & Caffarella, 2011). In addition, I learned how to be responsible and accountable in my life. I felt that I was able to stand on my own in the right choices. Moreover, I selected the events due to their influence in defining in a new course (Hoare, 2006). Since, both events showed me that I could be a good and responsible.
Mesosystem identifies the continuous social interactions with different groups within a certain microsystem. I was able to interact with my military colleagues and commanders while sending my online-completed duties and responsibilities. The mesosystem offers a better behavioral expectation that confirms to the expected life experiences. According to Hoare (2006), online learning helps to serve vulnerable populations including teenagers who lack life experience and understanding. Most of researches conducted by various departments and institutions are posted in the internet (Drago-Severson, 2004). Children should endeavor to use the findings in transforming their lives. For instance, the online materials may offer helpful direction and skills on the career choice.
The model also appreciates the presence of stress and pressure to the children. Stress is important in creating a good foundation for further development. The experience offered an adequate knowledge in promoting positive behaviors towards the different life experiences. The positive reinforcement increases the rate of learning (Hoare, 2006). The Bronfenbrenner’s rings were created through different stages to maximize opportunities and minimize stress. Thus, it creates the ability to handle life challenges and new situations. The five senses must be involved in accelerate learning. The two events involved one or more of the senses to internalize the information for positive behavioral change (Drago-Severson, 2004). The experience was amazing since, I personally learned on how to perform tasks with the shortest time possible as well as enhancing quality works.
In conclusion, the two experiences shows people needs to learn the online skills for promote their ability using online learning. Even though the online learning strategies may not be taught, the personal experiences including family experience and military employment feelings may trigger some online learning desires. The two experiences made me appreciate the significance of online learning. Today, most young children are always on internet for social interactions and sharing. The situation implies that online learning materials are appropriate in supporting a positive behavioral change among young children. As a result, I have gained significance skills and knowledge from my personal experiences and the ecological frameworks of adult development. They will support the reinforcement of positive actions to promote online academic performance and success.

Clark, C. M., & Caffarella, S. R. (2011). An update on adult development theory: New ways of thinking about the life course: New directions for adult and continuing education, number 84. New York, NY: John Wiley & Sons.
Drago-Severson, E. (2004). Becoming adult learners: Principles and practices for effective development. New York, NY: Teachers College Press.
Hoare, C. (2006). Handbook of adult development and learning. New York, NY: Oxford University Press.

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