ENGL 111 “No Logo” Ad Analysis

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ENGL 111 “No Logo” Ad Analysis
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ENGL 111 “No Logo” Ad Analysis Assignment
Most companies leverage on the strong emotional connections of people with various products and services. For instance, the billboard ad of Lexus S12 car model demonstrates that successful people tend to drive expensive and good cars. It illustrates how comfortable the sense of driving experience can be thus promoting the brand of the company. Schudson (2013) also supports the use of the company brand name to advertise the product to the consumers. In the UAE, people viewing the billboard ad would be attracted by the Lexus brand name, which will cause them to make an inquiry of the product. Most of products and services may die in the markets due to the lack of strong brand experience. The experience relates to the current lifestyle persuading people to buy the product brand. Therefore, the paper will seek to determine how ads influence the view of reality, as well as emotions and opinions of people.
Klein (2000) supports the elements of branding the most of the ads of products and services use. The companies are more focused on the images of their brands. By engaging brand promotion, the companies are able to make enormous profits as well as promote their competitive edge in the markets (Schudson, 2013). Klein also indicates how ads have created a correlation between brand identities and public spaces. For instance, the Lexus car model is marketed due to its ability to change the experience of motorists. The billboard ads seek to introduce how Lexus S12 would create a better driving experience for all drivers. This forms a part of the current marketing campaigns. The ads aim at indicating how the certain brand would change the lives of the people. Also, it informs the consumers on the existence of new designs and innovations among the products. The innovation would be appropriate in enhancing branding in the current markets. The use of billboard ads to advertise the car model is a strategic decision to capture on the unmarketed landscape. Being close to the road networks, it targets the drivers of various models. Thus, it seems to create an emotional connection with people using the existing car models.
Most importantly, the ad seems to encourage materialism in the society. The analysis of the Lexus S12 car model ad shows that it provides the assurance of leisure and enjoyment to successful people. It is also one of the most expensive car models in the world. Thus, persons unable to afford the car model would be pushed to work hard in life to get money for buying the car. This illustrates the aspects of encouraging materialism in the society. Klein argues that ads enter into the individuals and public spaces, which is true as seen in the case of ads influencing people to be materialistic. They also affect emotions and opinions of people using different products in the society. For instance, if a person was driving another car brand, he would feel intimidated by the ads supporting the Lexus S12 as the only car model that can offer the best driving experience. The ads often undermine personal opinions and views on a product.
According to the arguments of Berger (2011), people use their emotions to make decisions over the different product alternatives. The emotions and opinions of people on certain products are influenced by ads. Schudson (2013) found out that emotional response to the ads supports the growth of a large consumer share. Toyota understood the need to trigger the emotions of the consumers for them to like the Lexus S12 car model. As a result, they designed an attractive billboard ad strategically placed in the roads for all persons to view. The power of words describing the quality and ability of the care model to maximum satisfaction of the drivers triggers consumer’s view of reality and emotions. Some of the characteristics that promote the car brand in the billboard include the visual images and the power words (Klein, 2000). It was important for the company to provide a clear and good picture of the car model. The picture seeks to show the differences of the car model with other different car models.
In summary, the billboard of Lexus car model was able to influence the emotions and reality of driving the car. It is able to promote the brand of the cars in the targeted market segments. Considering the positioning of the billboard, the ad creates an emotional connection creating the brand experience, the lifestyle. Therefore, the ads facilitate the creation of strong brand experience and emotions influencing customers’ selection of the products and services.

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