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Lillian Vargas

Analytic Memo
In order to understand the nature of public administration and political environment in Texas State, I decided to conduct an in-depth investigation of the various leaders in the state. The analysis would be helpful in obtaining a better understanding of the leader’s impacts and contribution to the community. This will help to understand the criticism and successful of the leaders creating a better society with improved infrastructure and enhanced welfare.
In my analysis, I will evaluate the political success and development of Bill White. White served as the former mayor of Houston among others influential positions in the United States government. For instance, he served as Deputy of Secretary in the department of energy in the state government. This shows his vast experience in public administration and leadership. His education history includes that he schooled at Churchill high school. After which, he advanced to Harvard University to undertake an economics degree. He also schooled at University of Texas studying law (White, 2014). The political career and education background indicates his strong background and success in the political field.
In terms of scholarship aspect of public administration, White was informed in various community and political activities in Texas. I think that White was fascinated by environmental conservation and protection in the society. This is revealed through his community initiatives and programs in the state of Texas. For instance, he served in the board that managed the Houston quality of life coalition. In 2006, White improved the water sewage systems as well as reducing the rate of crimes in the city. This was a big achievement of White as a politician. As a reflected in his campaign strategy, White was nonracial and thus, he received support from both the whites and the blacks. His strategy was to grow non-partisan politics in the city as he campaigned for the mayor’s position. Initially, he had gained much experience from his business relationships. Thus, he appealed to both democrats and republications during the elections. This indicates the focus of White as a politician to uphold equality and integration of all the people in the society.
Personally, I appreciate the efforts White made in bringing the democrats and republicans together during the mayoral elections. White was also a part of the “Mayors against Illegal Guns Coalition” that focused on improving the security of the people in the city streets. As the mayor, I think the mayor was concerned about the welfare of the citizens by making it a priority to eliminate all illegal guns. Apart from all, he was also focused on eliminating initial efforts to prohibit gun sales in the city. His good work to the community led to his increased popularity obtaining significant support for reelection (White, 2014). Moreover, White showed support for the victims affected by the Hurricane Katrina. During the event, White made various announcements to mobilize the Houstonians in evacuating from the affected areas. This triggered him to develop an evacuation plan to reform and deal with the inherent issues.
In his mayor capacity, I laud White’s efforts to transform the city of Houston in various ways. For instance, he established the SafeClear initiative aimed at designing clear roads for the movement of vehicles. This would help reduce the cases of traffic congestion during the peak hours. According to a study by Cook (2014), the program also helped in reducing cases of accident deaths in the city. Various business owners were not pleased with program and thus, they filed lawsuits against the city authorities. However, White came out to support the positive impacts of the program on the city. This program led to increased controversy when he was the mayor. To gain local support of the republicans, White reduced the property tax paid in the Houston. This improved the costs of living among the local citizens.
Being a politician, White continually stated that the political leaders are expected to protect the interests and rights of the people who elected him. In his second term, White implemented the recommendation of the Houston police to install 50 red-light cameras around the city of Houston. After some of the trail cameras met the needed requirement, they project was fully implemented. Some critics of the leadership argued that the cameras would not improve the safety of the people, but was wastage of the public money. White supported the program, as it led to a reduction in the various violations including crimes and accidents in the city. In spite of the various criticisms, White showed his determination and commitment to protect interests of the citizens. He also inaugurated the development of the Discovery green Park. This aligns with his continued efforts to fight population around Houston region. I think believe in White’s leadership capability, since he was able to put pressure on the domestic factors to reduce pollution (Cross, 2014). For instance, he insisted on lowering the level of emissions of carcogenic benzene. Considering his efforts to fight pollution, White was awarded with the Hero Award. In 2008, White initiated the plan to expand the solar energy capacity in Houston. The plan was critical in expanding the company’s efforts in the use of solar energy and technology. I asked White of his future plans for the city and he emphasized on transforming the environment and the welfare of the people. He stated that the solar energy plan was in efforts to enhance the use of renewable sources of energy in the city.
According to the reflection of the various politicians, they seek to gain reputation as the people’s servant. I asked Bill white if he was focused on serving the people. He informed that he was happy to serve the people in serve the people as well as promoting the community welfare (Cook, 2014). For example, in 2005, White has proposed a relevant plan in improving the current infrastructure in the city without increasing the tax imposed. I asked him on his ability to achieve the plan within his term as the mayor. White replied that he had introduced a more flexible working system that would stimulate growth in the city. He also argued that his plans would lay a long-term strategic plan that could be adopted by incoming candidates to enhance the success of the economy of Houston. In most of political conferences, White emphasizes on his desire to transform the local economy. This indicated his passion to improve the current living standards in Houston. He expressed stated his desire to promote the environmental conditions surrounding the city. When I asked him whether he was satisfied with his achievement, he replied that he was well satisfied, but he would seek a higher political position to serve the people.
It is my overall assessment that political leader is an important position in the field of public administration and governance. The position has a significant impact on promoting the economic and welfare activities in the state. In spite of all, the political leaders benefits from increased recognition and popularity in the community. His mayoral terms can be used to reflect the nature of effective public administration and political leadership in the United States. As a result, Bill White is a good politician due to the various mayoral achievements and recognitions in the city of Houston.

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